How we work

You provide us with the original document and highlight any specific issues that need to be taken into consideration. Prior to issuing the document for translation, we will then closely examine your document from a factual, linguistic and technical point of view, taking into account the style of the document and whether it is aimed at a particular target group or is intended for a specific purpose. Together with you, we will then define the criteria for working on the document.

We will provide you with an exact quotation enabling you to schedule and price your project in detail.

intellitext SprachenService operates on the basis of the principles set out by DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05 - the quality standard for translation service providers providing the order meets the standard's requirements. This standard stipulates the specific procedures throughout the translation process to guarantee the consistent quality of translations. It sets out specific requirements, in terms of the skills and expertise of our translators and proofreaders, the archiving of work and confidentiality of documents. The standard also requires the close involvement of the client in order to achieve the best possible finished document.

We are of course also able to agree other requirements with you regarding the remit of your project.

From the very outset, you will have a personal Project Manager who will organize and schedule your project to meet your requirements. This will ensure that you will be kept informed of the current state of your project at every stage of the process and we can be adaptable to meet any changing requirements.

All multilingual translations will be coordinated and delivered on schedule by your personal Project Manager, thereby ensuring that your documents can all be used simultaneously in your different target countries.

Your project management contacts: