A translation is deemed to be successful when it cannot be recognized as a translation in terms of its language, expressions, style and meaning.


Our commitment to quality

intellitext LanguageServices is certified by DEKRA with the certification number 300321006


Exclusive use of native speakers

Our translators only translate into their own mother tongue.



Our translators only work in fields in which they have additional qualifications, either as economists, lawyers, engineers etc.


Continuous professional development

All members of our staff continuously add to their skills and expertise by attending specialist seminars and training courses.


Project management in compliance with DIN ISO 17100

The standard sets out the required qualifications for everyone involved in the translation process and stipulates specific requirements:

- staff and technical resources,

- quality and project management,

- contractual terms and conditions,

- operating processes

and also defines additional services we can provide.


Language technology

Translation memory systems enhance the knowledge of the human translator with intelligent language technology. This enables us to achieve a higher degree of consistency in terms of the use of language and, in the long term, aids and enhances the growth and development of your "corporate language".


Confidentiality and data security

It goes without saying that we will treat all of your documents in the strictest confidence - and we would be happy to confirm this in writing. Our computerized systems allow your data and documents to be safely and securely archived, thereby saving you time and money when they have to be subsequently updated.


Membership of professional associations

Our membership of professional associations, such as tekom, guarantees the quality standards provided by our company.

We are a member of tekom, the German professional association for technical documentation and communication.

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