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Finance | Marketing | Construction industry | Consumer goods

Texts explain, advertise and sell consumer and investment goods, food and financial products. Can you also do that on global markets?
Localisation is the solution, both in terms of language and content.

Who are you trying to reach?

The adaptation of texts to a target group in a different cultural environment can only be carried out by specialists. The conversion of information into the language of the local target market falls considerably short of its objective without any adaptation, such as technical post-marketing aspects: communication on an equal footing with the consumers or users of your products and services in the target country.

Texts that promise success

Language changes daily: neologisms from advertising, technology, youth language, literature or the media influence our use of language. Only translators who are trained to research and fully appreciate the sense and meaning of an expression and find a direct and comprehensible translation for it that will be accepted stylistically by the target group, can work successfully. It's evident that only experienced native speakers translating into their target language can do this.

Whereas marketing texts need creativity and wit, texts within the field of tax, finance and insurance require precision, reliability and discretion in terms of translation. There are no tolerances here.

Prior to every translation, we check your texts in terms of their intended objective, their application for one or more purposes and careful select the translators with the best qualification.

Your translation project is in good hands

After analysing the technical and linguistic requirements of your translation project we will determine the criteria in terms of any software requirements. Your intellitext Project Manager will coordinate and monitor all processes from the selection of the translator with the best linguistic and technical qualification, the consideration of reference material, the layout work and corrections required, right up to managing the terminology for using it again. All processes are defined in the intellitext quality management system.

We translate
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employee magazines
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- Press reports
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- Business reports
- Financial statements
- Annual reports
- Quarterly reports
- Analyses
- Due diligence reports
- Notifications of claims

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Bank AG
- Bain & Company
- Siemens Business Services
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- Taylor Wessing
- htp St. Gallen
- Kühne + Nagel

intellitext has a global network of native-speaking translators and can supply specialist translations in nearly every language.

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