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Only specialists have the expertise and experience to use scientific terminology in foreign languages. The combination of specialist knowledge and linguistic abilities, generally acquired through medical or scientific training and a qualification as a translator, is what makes our team stand out as specialists.

Specialist technical and linguistic expertise

We select our translators carefully for each project depending on their qualification. In addition to translation experience, they have sound proven knowledge in a relevant scientific subject and a command of medical or scientific vocabulary in their native language. You will receive high quality translations that are both linguistically and technically correct and guaranteed to be on schedule.
A formula that you can trust.

With our cumulative team experience that has developed for more than 20 years of agency work, our translators translate, proofread and process an extensive range of scientific documentation from clinics, universities, research and production.

Your translation project is in good hands

After analysing the technical and linguistic requirements of your translation project we will determine the criteria in terms of any software requirements. Your intellitext Project Manager will coordinate and monitor all processes from the selection of the translator with the best linguistic and technical qualification, the consideration of reference material, the layout work and corrections required, right up to managing the terminology for using it again. All processes are defined in the intellitext quality management system.

We translate

- Doctors' letters

- Operating instructions

- Clinical studies

- Conference papers

- Package inserts

- Product descriptions

- Specialist reports

- Safety data sheets

- Training and teaching

- Specifications

- Final degree reports

- Study protocols

- Patents

- Patient information

- Validation reports

- Packaging texts (labelling)

- Scientific publications

- Approval dossiers

- Summaries of product


- Heraeus Holding

- Fresenius

- Bionorica

- Clariant

- Braun GmbH

- Sachtleben Chemie

- Nobel Biocare

- Lauda Dr. Wobser

- Symrise

- Wacker Chemie

intellitext has a global network of native-speaking translators and can supply specialist translations in nearly every language.

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