Translations: Technology

  • Automotive engineering
  • Plant engineering
  • Printing technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Vehicle construction
  • Hydraulics
  • Heating and plumbing
  • Air-conditioning technology
  • Plastics technology
  • Laboratory technology
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Information technology
  • Medical engineering
  • Measurement engineering
  • Surface engineering
  • Solar technology
  • Control technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Environmental engineering

Mechanical engineering | Electrical engineering | Environmental engineering | Information technology | Automotive engineering

For a long time now, technical documentation has been both part of the product and a sales tool rolled into one. This is particularly the case with international customers. Why not persuade your clients with a perfect multilingual presentation.

Quicker to the market with multilingual documentation

An increasing number of product variants in ever shorter development times for a growing number of markets significantly increase the demands in terms of documentation. In such cases, translations extend beyond the pure linguistic execution. The specialist knowledge required for a specific industry sector, the confident handling of a large variety of file formats and the use of translation tools can only be supplied by a specialist service provider with professional translation management.

Well planned = semi-translated

Operating instructions in a specific format with elaborate images that, for example, also have to be translated into ten European languages at the same time, have to be planned well. An optimum workflow in combination with a translation memory system allows pre-translated text segments to be used and prevents the translation project from becoming an incalculable risk both in terms of time and money.

Your translation project is in good hands

After analysing the technical and linguistic requirements of your translation project we will determine the criteria in terms of any software requirements. Your intellitext Project Manager will coordinate and monitor all processes from the selection of the translator with the best linguistic and technical qualification, the consideration of reference material, the layout work and corrections required, right up to managing the terminology for using it again. All processes are defined in the intellitext quality management system.

We translate
- Technical information
- Operating instructions
- Handbooks
- Safety information
- Production drawings
- Maintenance instructions
- Installation instructions
- Quality management
- Software localisation
- Website localisation

- Bosch Rexroth
- Carl Zeiss
- Terex
- Braun / Gillette
- Zippe Glasindustrie
- Jumbo Markt
- Heraeus

intellitext has a global network of native-speaking translators and can supply specialist translations in nearly every language.

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