Where games speak to the world!

In the vibrant world of the gaming industry, clear communication is the key to success. Here at intelliText LanguageServices, we understand the language of gamers and make sure your game is also a hit on an international level.


Our services not only include the precise translation of texts, but also cultural adaptation so that your message remains authentic and engaging in different countries and regions. No matter whether dealing with game instructions, dialogs, graphics, or marketing material, we ensure that your messages and content elicit the same feeling and the right thrill in any language.

The world of gaming is constantly changing. For this reason, we not only keep up to date with languages, but also trends and technologies. We are able to transfer your content into the languages of the future—ranging from games on a PC, console, or smartphone to VR for eSports or live events in stadiums.

Areas of application

  • Translation of the game menu
  • Descriptions
  • Instructions
  • Animations
  • Ad texts
  • Dialogues
  • Sayings
  • Marketing materials
  • Voiceovers for the game characters
  • Subtitles

With our certified work processes, personal consultation and our promise of impeccable quality we guarantee that all of your projects are executed with the utmost professionalism!

intelliText LanguageServices is a business unit of intelliExperts GmbH, Local Court Würzburg HRB 12937