Desktop publishing

File preparation and DTP

What does file preparation mean?

Some files need to be prepared for translation so that they can be edited with software tools and the translations can then be saved correctly. Even non-editable graphics have to be put into an editable format for the software tool to recognize them. We will gladly take care of the file preparation for you!

What does DTP mean?

The abbreviation DTP stands for Desktop Publishing and literally means “publishing from the desktop”. It includes the creation and design of texts that are “ready to print”.
After translations, especially of brochures, leaflets, websites, or newsletters, the layout often needs to be adjusted, because, for example, the target text does not always match the length of the source text. We edit your text in all desired formats, bring it back to the original layout, and adapt it to the linguistic and country-specific peculiarities. If you wish, you will receive a print-ready template that you can then hand over to the print shop.

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Specialist translators, project managers, and DTP specialists work closely together to ensure that your documents meet your linguistic and formal expectations and function in the marketplace.

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