You have need for

  • translation and localization as you expand into new countries and markets,
  • communication in the language of your international customers and partners,
  • the highest quality in your translated texts.

intellitext is exactly the right partner for you!
Through certified processes, personal client support and our high quality standards, we guarantee a professional response to all your translation requests!

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Translations: Science

Pharmaceuticals | Medicine | Healthcare| Dentistry | Medical technology | Natural sciences

Only specialists have the technical expertise and experience to be able to use scientific terminology in foreign languages.

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Translations: Technology

Mechanical engineering | Electrical engineering | Environmental engineering | Information technology | Automotive engineering

For a long time now, technical documentation has been both part of the product and a sales tool rolled into one. This is particularly the case with international customers. Why not persuade your clients with a perfect multilingual presentation.

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Translations: Law

Public law | Private law | International law | European law

Translations: Patents

Mechanical engineering | Electrical engineering |Physics | Chemistry | Life sciences | Civil engineering

Legal texts, contracts and patents need to be particularly unambiguous in a foreign language too. Only a legal expert has specific knowledge of a specialist area and experience in dealing with this.

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Translations: Business

Finance | Marketing |Construction industry | Consumer goods

Texts explain, advertise and sell consumer and investment goods, food and financial products. Can you also do that on global markets? Localisation is the solution, both in terms of language and content.

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