Successful communication with your international business partners is the key to your business relationships. Our interpreters will be on hand to help you.

Every meeting or conference has a different objective. The remit of the interpreter or team of interpreters is determined by the nature and number of participants, the diversity of languages involved and the general program - irrespective of whether you require interpreting at a trade fair or conference, business negotiation, presentation or lecture. We would be more than pleased to advise you on the type of interpreting you may require.

An interpreter's experience, his in-depth knowledge of the specialist field and, above all, his ability to work under pressure are key parameters for the quality of his work. Membership of an international association, such as the AIIC or American Translators Association, is a further guarantee of the high technical standard of his work. We will take into account your industry, sector, specialist field and specific interpreting requirements before carefully selecting the right interpreter for your job from our network of highly-qualified interpreters, with whom we have worked for many years.

Our interpreters only work into and out of their own mother tongue. They have an innate understanding of the mentality of the people with whom they are communicating and are very familiar with the accepted codes of conduct in different countries. We would also be pleased to provide you with our certified interpreters for court work or work involving public authorities and, if necessary, we can also provide the technical equipment required for the type of interpreting involved.