CAT tools

Computer-Aided Translation

What does CAT mean and what are CAT tools?

CAT is the abbreviation for “Computer-Aided Translation” − CAT tools are not machine translation, but translation software tools that support the human translator and thus the quality of the translation with intelligent language technology

Examples of translation software tools that intelliText also works with are SDL Trados Studio or Across.


What are the advantages of CAT tools?

In a CAT tool, the human translator is supported by a Translation Memory (TM), a so-called translation memory for each language pair attached to the translation project. During the translation process, the segments in the source and target languages are stored in this database and continuously suggested to the translator as soon as the system detects a match. The translator decides whether to use, adapt, or recreate the translation.

In the case of subsequent translations, e.g. updating an instruction manual, the CAT tool suggests all texts that have already been translated. Only the texts that have changed or been added with the update of the operating instructions are then newly translated or edited. The text therefore remains absolutely consistent, since the parts of the text that have already been translated are incorporated identically. When calculating, the complete costs for these texts are not incurred again.

The memory increases with each translation project we take on for you – and so does the chance of price reductions.

Previous translations can also be used by means of the alignment function. In the process, texts that have already been translated are transferred to the software tools so that, among other things, a company-specific technical language is created that can be used consistently.

In addition, a termbase, or glossary, can be included to support consistency, industry-specific terminology, and your corporate language. Graphics, definitions, or examples can also be added. If there is no glossary available yet, we will be happy to create one for you in cooperation with you.

Accordingly, working with CAT tools has numerous advantages for you as a customer:

  • You save time and money because texts that have already been translated are taken into account.
  • Expression and language style become more consistent, since technical terms that have already been researched are automatically adopted.
  • The quality of the translation is additionally ensured by the system verification.
  • Places in the text can be protected (by tags) if they are not to be changed, important e.g. for software localizations.
  • A consistent corporate language can be easily created for your company.

What can you do to optimize your translations?

Ask us about how to use CAT tools.

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