Machine translation

Machine translation and post-editing (MTPE)

With the help of learning software (artificial intelligence), certain texts can be translated automatically. For the best quality, post-editing is followed by proofreading of the document by a human translator.

What is MTPE?

MTPE is an English acronym and stands for Machine Translation plus Post-Editing. The translations are therefore completely machine-generated, and are checked and adapted by professional human translators.

You have the following advantages:

  • Savings of up to 40% on translation costs
  • Half the processing time
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Consistently high quality of your texts

Which texts are suitable for machine translation?

With the current state of the art, not every text is suitable for machine translation. Also, not every language is supported yet. If, for example, the proofreading effort is too high, a machine translation can quickly cause more work than a human translation. A text must not be too convoluted or utilize too much elevated language, but a text that is too colloquial is not suitable either. That’s why, at intelliText, we check every text that is to be machine translated in advance, free of charge!

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Important requirements:

  • Open format (Word, Excel, IDML etc.)
  • Subject
  • Language direction
  • Machine used
  • Operational requirements such as style guides and terminology
  • Existing style guides and glossaries must be included

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